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Hello my name is Sheila, and I would like to thank you for visiting my site. It contains details about me and my business. I love what I do, and my goal is to help each client achieve a state of wellness.  It is not enough to just "feel good" during a session, My goal is for each client to FEEL improvement long after every session.  The length of your session is based on your need.  Table massages are from 1/2 hour to 2 hours. Chair massages are up to a 1/2 hour. 


*It should NEVER Hurt!:

Some therapists at other places say, "The Harder the Better!" I don't believe this to be true- nor effective! Your therapist knows the correct way to get in deep and release spasms, aches and knots without causing you MORE PAIN by going too deep!

At Massage 4 Life, I understand there are times to apply very firm pressure. 
"It should be A Good Hurt", that means enough pressure to do what needs to be done without it causing you to tighten up and experience more pain!

Always be sure to communicate with your therapists, since everybody is different. At Massage 4 Life, I use a scale, 0-10 "Rate of Perceived Comfort Scale": 0 is no pressure, 10 is absolutely too much and the level for therapeutic deep tissue work (your "Good Hurt") should stay around a 7-8/10. I am happy to explain and demonstrate this to you in person.

As alway, the level of pressure is dictated by the client. 

*There are a few areas that are hard to avoid pain- SCM, TMJ, Subscapularis


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